Chris Morris, Certified Instructor
Email: whisperingequus@gmail.com
Website: www.whisperingequus.co.uk



Monty Roberts certified Chris Morris as an instructor in 2012. Based near Brighton in the UK, Chris has been teaching Monty’s non-violent horse training approach to a wide variety of students and clients as well as training his growing herd of rescue horses!

During his trips to California Chris took part in many Horse Sense and Healing clinics for veterans and first responders, as well as the work being done through the Lead-Up program and is passionate about educating more people in how the non-violent horse training approach has a significant positive impact on the lives of humans who have suffered or are suffering with violence in their lives. Chris will soon be offering Lead-Up workshops in the UK which teach the peaceful leadership approach utilising the experience of Join-Up to produce partnerships based in trust and how violence is never the answer with any interaction, whether horse to human or human to human.


Caron Whaley, Certified Instructor
Email: contactus@caronwhaley.com
Website: www.caronwhaley.com



Caron started riding at 4 years of age but at 19 left her beloved horses to pursue an academic career, giving her exceptional credentials of a BEng Hons Civil Engineering and two MSc Degrees in Project Management and Organisational Psychology. Caron spent almost 2 decades working in UK, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, initially as a corporate professional and more recently as an equine behaviourist and equine assisted personal development specialist. After 7 years in the Middle East (Dubai) working with remedial Thoroughbreds, Arabians and Warmbloods she has just relocated to the heart of Somerset in the UK. She looks forward to sharing Monty’s philosophy in both Somerset and the Middle East where she will be travelling to during the winter seasons. She also plans to continue her work in the equine assisted personal development arena, a topic that Monty is passionate about and has helped to pioneer in the last few years. Caron has been a Monty Roberts certified Instructor since 2007.

The Lead-Up Program allows people to undertake a voyage of self-discovery by means of the transformative quality that is equine facilitated learning, a process that Caron is particularly passionate about. Currently Caron heads up the equine assisted therapy division for the world’s largest equine welfare charity. This charity has an international reach and she hopes the Lead-Up Programme can be part of a plan that benefits vulnerable people around the world. On a more personal level she is looking forward to offering Lead-Up workshops from her beautiful Devonshire home in late 2017.