$250USD—one day

For those new to horses, returning after a long break or trying to overcome fear, this program will help you become safe and comfortable around horses. Classroom discussion will provide an introduction to how horses think and behave and practical sessions will teach you how to approach, halter, lead, groom and move safely around a horse. You will learn the basic concept behind the Dually™ halter and after watching Join-Up® demonstrations, will experience a guided round pen session to feel the power of inter-species communication.

Key Learning Points: Non-violent approach to working with a horse, the Language of Equus, building a trust-based partnership, approaching, touching and handling a horse, how horses learn, think and see, Join-Up in the round pen, Grooming a horse, how to fit and use the Dually™ Training Halter, Spatial awareness, breathing and intention.

Included in the cost of the course is a subscription to Monty’s Equus Online University. This online learning tool will support your continuing education in Monty’s methods.