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Support Our Veterans!

Monty Roberts offers free three-day Horse Sense & Healing workshops for veterans and their families.

Join-Up® International, is a California nonprofit organization, tax ID #77-0459889, founded by world renowned horse trainer Monty Roberts. We are dedicated to promoting gentle, effective alternatives to violence and force in both equine and human relationships. Join-Up® International is governed by a distinguished Board of Directors. In 2012, The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, became patron of Join-Up® International. Our organization is deeply grateful for the support we receive from our Patron and Members of the Board.

“My goal is to leave the world a better place than I found it for horses and for people, too.” – Monty Roberts

Monty’s unique and gentle method of using the horse’s own language to achieve breakthrough results is revolutionary, but not magical. Communication is a gift we all have; it can be practiced and developed.

The principles can be applied to human relationships as well. Join-Up® International seeks to foster the adoption of these skills among a greater audience, insuring their preservation for generations to come.

“Violence is never the answer.” – Monty Roberts

Individuals from all walks of life – business leaders, horse lovers, health professionals, prison administrators and many others find help and inspiration in the message of Join-Up® and seek to learn how to apply it in their own lives.

Join-Up® concepts have helped abused women and children, and their abusers, too, as well as special needs children, youth at risk, prison inmates, foster families, children and adults with a history of abuse and war veterans.

“No one has the right to say ‘you do what I tell you, or I’ll hurt you.” – Monty Roberts

Read about our Patron, Founder and Board Directors:

Queen Elizabeth II


An important part of the work of Queen Elizabeth II is to support and encourage public and voluntary service. One of the ways in which Her Majesty does this is through involvement with charities and other organizations. The Queen’s patronages cover every area of the charity and voluntary sector, from opportunities for young people, to preservation of wildlife and the environment. Involvement with these organizations helps to recognize their achievements, and helps to recognize the contributions of many different sectors of public life. In 2012, Her Majesty became patron of Join-Up® International.
See The Queen’s letter to Monty Roberts in acceptance of becoming Patron of Join-Up International

Monty Roberts


Monty Roberts (born May 14, 1935) is the American horse trainer who promotes his techniques of natural horsemanship through Join-Up® International, founded in 1997 and named after the core concept of his training method. Roberts believes that horses use a non-verbal language, which he terms “Equus,” and that humans can use this language to communicate with horses. In order to share his knowledge of horsemanship, Roberts has authored a number of books including an original best-seller, The Man Who Listens to Horses, and regularly tours with live demonstrations worldwide. Roberts also founded the Monty Roberts International Learning Center to teach his methods in Solvang, California, and Equus Online University, an online learning space where horse owners and trainers can find the tools to interact with horses without using force.

Pat Roberts

Board Chairperson

A celebrated artist, Pat (née Burden) Roberts is the Chairperson of the the Join-Up® International Board of Trustees. An accomplished horsewoman in her own right, Pat has traveled around the globe helping her husband Monty spread his message that violence is never the answer. Pat has been instrumental to the successes of Join~Up® International. In May 2004, Pat was honored by the Girl Scouts of Tres Condados as the “2004 Woman of Distinction.” Pat and Monty are also sponsoring a Join-Up® badge through the Monty Roberts International Learning Center at Flag Is Up Farms. Pat is noted for her down-to-earth, warm personality and her willingness to reach out to humans – or horses – who could use a hand.
You can read more about Pat the artist on her website:

Charlotte Bredahl-Baker

Board Member

Charlotte Bredahl has trained many horses to the top level of dressage. In 1992 she was part of the Bronze medal winning US team at the Barcelona Olympics riding Monsieur. In 1997 she was on the Silver medal winning US team at the North American Championship riding Lugano. Charlotte trained both horses from the start. She has been a selector for both the Hong Kong and the London Olympics. Presently she is competing at Grand Prix with Strauss. For the past 25 years Charlotte has also pursued a judges career and for the past 4 years has been an International judge. This year she will be judging at International events in Australia, Japan, France and Denmark.

Maya Horsey

Board Member

Maya has an extensive and varied background with horses; her main focus having been racing and hunting. Maya began her training with Monty in 1998 and was an original MRILC development team member and in 2000 was one of the first six to qualify as a Certified Instructor. Until 2006 she ran her own business in England training starters, remedial horses, racehorses and hunters. In January 2007 she moved to California and joined the MRILC at Flag Is Up Farm as Head Instructor, Maya has been managing Monty’s school and teaching all classes along with the other resident Instructors at the farm and is also involved in the day to day management of the training barn and working with the horses on the farm. In 2009 she was invited to be a board member for Join-up International and has been very involved in the work with many rescue horses through the school and the development of the Veterans program here at the farm. In 2012 Maya along with 6 other Certified Instructors became the first recipients of becoming “Master Instructors” for Monty to make sure the legacy and methods of Monty Roberts continues for many more years.

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